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    Question Creating a package for MAC OS. multi-user environment
    Hello all,

    I'm a newbie in packaging for MAC OS...

    At the moment I already tried to create a few simple packages (by means of PackageMaker)..​. But, unfortunat​ely each time i was faced with the same problem - how to install settings files into the "~/Library/Preferences" folder for each user who uses the computer.

    By default via PKG file I can install files into current users' profile only...

    PS: I'll prepare ~ 100 applications for the enterprise deployment. So I need some common solution.

    Any help would be greatly appreciate​d
    Thanks in Advance

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    Why would you want to bypass the OS X security controls ?
    What kind of " simple " package are you referring to ?

    Cheers ... McBie
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    for example I need to deploy the Adobe Reader package across the enterprise. Usualy, at first launch Adobe Reader displays an EULA dialog. So, my package should disable EULA and auto updates. In this case the end user will launch an application without any additional prompts.
    To suppress EULA dialog and autoupdate option I need to install a PLIST file to the ("~/Library/Preferences)

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