Hi! I'm trying to make a timed event where iTunes will play lullaby music on the AppleTV in my nursery at a certain time through the specific AppleTV named 'nursery'.

I've tried extensively to find a way to tell iTunes to do it, but all the guides open the 'Multiple Speakers' window, which only has space for one of the two Apple TV's.

Does anyone know how to tell iTunes to specifically use my nursery AppleTV before I start playback?

My knowledge of AppleScript is rather limited, but I imagine that once button 10 is pressed by AS (the button that brings up the airplay menu on the button right), if you could somehow traverse down the list and click when the right menu item is selected, that would do it. The only thing is that I don't know how to traverse down that list...

Up until now I've been following this guide: Ben Dodson: The AirPlay Alarm Clock: Turning an Apple TV or Airport Express into an Alarm Clock with AppleScript

But it simply doesn't work for my situation.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.