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    Running UNIX Programs On My Mac, Questions
    While I am no longer a complete newbie to Macs, I have just recently started getting into terminal (mostly because I have to use it for Engineering sometimes haha) and I am now curious. I have X11 installed along with Gimp but when I downloaded GIMP I downloaded a special Mac OS X version.

    I was wondering if all UNIX based programs need a special Mac OS X version of them to be able to install the program or if I can just install UNIX (the correct version, of course) programs as they are. I was under the impression that the reason I downloaded a special version of Gimp was because maybe it took advantage of some OS X features, maybe. (Otherwise why bother using the X11 system and still make a Mac specific version of Gimp?)

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    You do not need a sepcial version of UNIX apps to work with os x
    to install them you could do the old commands:
    sudo make
    sudo make install

    or you could use this nifty app

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    Download Fink:
    After installing, use the included FinkCommander app to install all kinds of *nix apps.
    If you have problems. go here:
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    I'm not sure why you downloaded a special GIMP version for Mac. Perhaps you downloaded a binary?

    To say Unix is Unix is not fully true. There are differences that trip developers up all the time. What you'll find more often than not is the configuration files have special paths for particular OS's. If your OS isn't listed then sometimes a lowest common denominator will be used and you may or may not get a good end result.

    If your going to download programs to compile, then I suggest you first consider Fink which cradom suggested. Otherwise you'll have to do more analysis for everything you download. A lot of the open source apps rely on other stuff which relies on other stuff, etc. It can get ugly very fast. Projects like Fink help manage the nightmare.

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