I have recently started writing C++ code using xCode after using Visual Studio since the day I learned to program in the first place. It seems to compile the code just fine, but there are several key features that I miss from visual studio.

1. In visual studio, if I type the name of an object that is of a class I created or from a library, when I type the period after the name of the object, all of its member functions and data members pop up in a list. Is there any way to do this in xCode?

2. Also, if you mouse over the name of a variable in visual studio, it tells you the name of the variable, and if you are debugging, the value currently stored in this variable. Any way to do this in xCode?

These are the two features I miss that I can think of off the top of my head. If there are comparable features in xCode, or any other features that resemble features such as this in Visual Studio, can anyone tell me how to activate these features?