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    Need advice on programming.
    Hello all my Mac/PC/Everyone friends

    For the past 10 years ive developed applications on the Windows platform, i enjoy the windows platform.

    I will be purchasing a Apple Mac G5 machine later this year, the reason for the purchase is to learn and develop applications for the Mac platform.

    Ive started to read the documentation that is avaiable on the Mac website, but im having abit of trouble...

    When i purchase the Mac G5, will i also have to purchase another software to develop applications, example:

    Windows XP -----> Need to purchase Visual for programming.

    Mac OS X -----> ?

    If i do have to purchase, any suggestions.

    Also can i use my current knowledge for the Mac platform i.e. i enjoy programming in C++, VB, C#, Perl and SQL, can i apply any of these programming schemes on Mac?

    Anyway, thanks for reading, looking forward to replies, and i hope you all have a good, safe and a happy day.


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    You will be glad to hear that Mac OS X comes with free developer tools, which includes a free IDE called Xcode. It will allow you to program in many different languages, except VB.
    Visual Basic (and everything that goes with it, like .NET) is a Microsoft-only language.
    Your programming knowledge will be a good help, except VB the languages you know are platform independent.

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    Brilliant, Xcode sounds the business and its free too! Im sure im going to enjoy programming on the Mac platform.

    Thanks Avalon for your response, thanks buddy.

    Take care.

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    My advice on programming is stay away :black:

    I know some people who do it and they have so much grey hair and get a new wrinkle every hour.

    I would say get you an iMac for now. Either of the 17" models is fine. Then later on down the road you should really know what you want and need unless you already know. I don't know of the programs though, someone here should be able to point you in the right direction.

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