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    Script to mount volume (external drive or disk image) which won't mount..?
    Hi guys,

    I'm wondering whether any of you Terminal users/boffins know the solution to this one;

    Is there any script (or command line text...) to mount a volume (external drive or disk image) which won't show up on the desktop but is seen in Disk Utility?

    Disk Utility or Disk Warrior cannot repair it...

    I'm sure I've heard that you can mount volumes or parts of volumes using Terminal...stuff like "/volumes/" shows you your volumes, right? And we can type in something to show us the subfolders in that volume? And type something else to save those subfolders to another destination?

    I'm so sorry to be so green to this, but if any of you guys can help, I'd be very much appreciated...

    Thanks in advance!

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    No terminal required.

    Open Finder - Preferences - General tab - put a check mark next to External drives
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    Ah, Thanks bobtomay...the 'External Disks' is checked - all other drives, including this one, have shown up on the desktop before...

    Maybe I should have explained more...

    The drive was used to back up around 700GB of data - using a Mac (formatted HFS+)...the client took away the drive, and mounted it on his PC, apparently this worked for a while, he was able to access files, but after a while it stopped working...the disk wouldn't mount.

    I collected the drive with the intention of mounting it on my Mac, but the Mac now says it cannot read the drive. Disk Utility can see it, but can't repair it, giving me the message 'invalid b-tree node size', which I don't know what means...the report log mentions the folders and files contained on the drive, so I'm fairly certain they're all on there, but the drive just won't mount...

    Possibly a conflict between Mac and PC - the PC has scrambled some of the boot data or something...

    Do you know anything of this problem? Are you aware of a fix? Changing the Volume Boot file or whatever? Starting up in Safe Mode or Single User mode or whatever? I probably couldn't do the work myself, but at this point, so I could get some sleep tonight, knowing that it isn't impossible to recover the data would be great...I'd happily take the drive into a specialist repair centre if I were sure they could recover the data...

    Thanks for your reply...

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