I recently have bought an iMac and am planning to use it (along with my Linux machine at work) to run some coding etc.

However on my Linux machine I have cblas and clapack installed for me and am wondering if anyone knows how to get these programs installed on the Mac OS X. I have installed Xcodes and have tried to build LAPACK from source which has been difficult as my skills are very very limited in this regard.

Any basic help (or step by step instructions) that anyone could give me would be most appreciated. I have tried looking at the LAPACK website for help but its pretty basic and doesn't really give any good guides on how to install the programs.



PS. It may be if I assume that these things are already installed that I am calling them wrongly. If so what I do to call them is when in the folder where the file is I am trying to compile I do.

cc -g -o <EXECUTABLE NAME> <File>.c -lblas -llapack_atlas