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Thread: How to bg ftp?

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    Question How to bg ftp?
    Hi, my internet connection is slooow, and I have to be able to complete large uploads and downloads on my mom's computer. For example I am uploading 300 MB file and want to download xcode which is 3 gigs. I need to be able to keep that going even when my parents get on the computer and log off my account and into theirs. BG process is the answer, I know this. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to background an ftp upload? I saw the ! escape idea, tried "bg PID" from a different shell once my ftp upload was in progress.

    The problem is I'm not that familiar with ftp..

    In this example I'm trying to upload to with anon credentials have to enter email address as password, then put file into the incoming directory which is sitting on the local desktop dir. If I could do all that from the get go (non interactively on the shell) I could easily add the ampersand to bg the thing. But I do not know how to do this with the ftp flags.

    I remember a tutorial I went through about a year ago showing how to pause a process, bg it, then start it again. There seems to be no way to pause a ftp transfer in progress though =/.

    Doesn't have to be ftp I suppose, curl would work, so would wget? Although I have to download and install xcode/fink/macports first before I can install that..

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    Try nohup.
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    Sweet thanks. i had seen the nohup command before but had no idea what it was. My upload is humming right along thanks to .netrc and nohup. Got around to trying screen, it is awesome! It's times like this that computers just seem amazing. Finally, I don't gotta worry about keeping terminals open all the time. Still got plenty to learn though that's for sure.

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