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    App behaves strangely when double-clicked vs command-line
    I'm currently re-branding and customizing the SeaMonkey browser. None of that is really important except for the fact that I see different behavior in how I run the program: double-clicking the icon vs running from command-line.

    Basically, I've created my own binary executable that starts the browser with command-line arguments. If I run the binary executable which is the file that is referenced by "Executable file" in Info.plist at the command-line, my browser starts perfect every time (./foomozlauncher).

    However, if I run my browser by double-clicking the icon it sometimes starts in a strange state where I can't focus or type in any textboxes in the browser. I can make this consistently happen if I wipe the profile cache and upon the first start up (via double-clicking) it enters the messed-up state and every subsequent start-up works fine as if I had run it via command-line. If I run via command-line the browser starts *perfectly* no matter whether I've wiped the profile cache or not.

    So what I need to know is where the problem lies via double-clicking. I thought running the same "Executable file" at the command line was identical to running the app via double-clicking the icon. Doesn't double-clicking in effect just run the binary executable identified by the "Executable file" field in Info.plist? If so why does running that same binary at the command-line always work but double-clicking the app icon create the strange behavior?

    I will attach my Info.plist and maybe someone might see something missing that I need. I do know that the SeaMonkey browser uses Rosetta which I've already installed if that makes any difference.
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