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    help using terminal
    I'm taking a survey course of languages and we are covering perl this week. I have never used terminal before. I need to write perl script that will parse xml data, but I can't even figure out how to use the terminal.
    when I open the terminal I get this line(I subed out my name and username):

    firstName-LastName-MacBook-Pro:~ username$

    i have tried the commands ls and that works, but I can't figure out how to run scripts from a file. I have tried a simple hello world app by typing:

    print "Hello World!\n";

    in text edit saving it as then I tried to type in the terminal and it says
    -bash: command not found

    can someone explain in simple terms how to run simple programs like this?

    thanks, aaron

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    Find yourself a website on using the Bash shell and shell scripting. Here are a couple to get started: Learn the Linux command line. Write shell scripts.
    Bash Prompt HOWTO

    Also make sure you're saving the files as plain text if you're using TextEdit. You might want to consider using Nano in Terminal instead.
    To run the script, make sure the file is excutable (chmod +x filename) and preface the filename with a ./ to run it. This will tell the shell the file is in the current directory.

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    First you have to figure out where perl is -
    which perl
    Make sure that matches what you put in the #! line - mine is actual in /opt/local/bin

    If you want to run the script you have to set it to executable
    chmod 755
    Then you can do
    Which should run.

    Here is a little more info on permissions
    Linux and UNIX chmod command help

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