Hi guys

I don know whether this is the right place to post this.

I have two working dss servers all under linux. One is a streaming server dssA the other is Streaming Server dssB as a pull relay from dssA. The relaying is through the public internet with both server having public IPs. The relaying works well. But each time there is a problem with the internet i have to manually disable and enable the relay at dssB using the pearl web interface.

My question is how can i disable and enable the relay part using a command from a terminal? I believe it must be possible one i understand how the pearl cgi does it. This will help me write an automated relay disable/enable script whenever the internet goes and comes back.

I tried to go through streamingadminserver.pl and the related relay perl scripts but couldn't exactly trace a command. This is because an not familiar with perl. Please help