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Thread: How to compile openssh

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    How to compile openssh
    I'm interested in building openssh5.6p1 from source for mac osx 10.6 (intel). Reading about installation I see it has a few dependencies and optional depends too. Would not be surprised if special options/flags should be used during make configure process. I'm skeptical that just " tar -xvf opensshxxx cd opensshxxx make ./configure sudo make install" would work without issues.

    I've spent some time distro hopping and have come to love the package managers such as apt-get, yum and now pacman on Arch Linux. I'm starting to become comfortable in cli environment although I'm still learning the ropes, editing configs and whatnot. The thing is I don't even know where to begin resolving dependencies, installing the dependencies or what options should be used and ensuring that sshd/ssh client as comes with the mac os does not get in the way.

    A little guidance would be much appreciated. I'm really surprised I was unable to find a recent tutorial on how to install openssh on the mac platform as ssh is such a great tool. From what I understand I would need to compile zlib (lossless data compression? neat!) I don't know what the others do though.

    EDIT: Found this pdf for building openssh portable for solaris. Helpful in that it explains what the optional depends are since I'm clueless. Kernel based entropy or PRNGD sound like useful additions. Not sure how tcp wrapper would fit into the picture. Sounds like hosts.allow and hosts.deny?

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    OS X comes with OpenSSH (5.2p1 here on 10.6.4). Any reason you need 5.6p1?

    If you do, I suggest you look at MacPorts. MacPorts is similar to the package managers for other *nix OSes and after a quick check here, OpenSSH 5.6p1 is available.
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    I tried the macports deal earlier today. No go. Failed fetching xauth from what I recall. Tried fetching from a number of urls but all failed. I did "sudo port selfupdate" & "sudo port upgrade outdated" prior to "sudo port install openssh" so I'm not sure what the deal is.

    My mac is currently at the office where I am an intern. I ssh to my ibm arch linux laptop at home to get around the firewall at work. It works, but I always get this error "tunnel failed" or something like that. The proxy works but I suspect that the encryption is not there? I can't figure out what it is. I have the allowtunnel set to yes in ~/.ssh/sshd_conf on the ibm and the same for client side in the .ssh/ssh_config on the mac at the office.

    Edit: I just realized that I forgot to restart the sshd service. Gonna try that and see if the error goes away tomorrow at the office. Crosses fingers.

    I was just hoping that this could serve as a decent learning experience as I still have so much to learn using cli tools. And also yeah I'm a bit nuts about having the current release of anything. That's why I have Arch Linux on the old IBM thinkpad =).

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