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Thread: xCode 3.14 iPhone Development Problem

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    xCode 3.14 iPhone Development Problem
    I am new to iPhone development. I am running OSX 10.5.8 and xCode 3.14. I signed up as an Apple developer, downloaded the iPhone SDK and xCode and installed everything properly (based on what I have read online). When I go up to

    File->New Project to create my first iPhone project, there is no option for the iPhone templates. I am only seeing Mac OS X as the option, and obviously I do not have access to the Cocoa Touch Templates to develop my iPhone App.

    I have no clue what is going on, can anyone please help me out?

    I searched around forums and found nothing useful.

    I am using an intel-based mac, i am 100% positive. its a macbook pro purchased in 2008


    i am seeing the following problem on an intel-based MAC:

    Xcode doesn't show iphone project template applications - iPhone Dev SDK Forum

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    The only version of Xcode 3.1.4 I found was under the Mac Dev center. That version does not seem to come with the iPhone SDK. I was unable to find a version of the SDK that runs under Leopard. So, which developer path did you download the SDK from?

    I can see why you want the version you have, as that looks to be the last version that can run on OS X 10.5.

    If you have a Macbook Pro, then yes, you have an Intel based Mac. The previous pro laptops were called Powerbooks and came with PPC chips.
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