Hi everybody,
I'm new to the Mac world and I have a couple of questions.
I have a MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard 10.6.4.

Following some hints I found on the net I created .app
packages to run specific programs.
Basically I open a new document in the AppleScript
editor and add the command:

do shell script "/path/to/file"
and then save it as an application to create an .app that
I can use just like any other .app .

Using this method I can start just one instance of the .app .
If I double-click on the .app again nothing happens.
Maybe I'm missing something, is there a way to start more
than one instance of an .app created that way?
I'm wondering about something like background execution,
I mean the equivalent of the "&" for Unix shell commands.

Actually I'm using this method to run a Windows application
through the wine emulator (just because I paid for the license!):

do shell script "wine start /Unix /Users/xxx/.wine/drive_c/Programs/Illustrate/dBPoweramp/MusicConverter.exe"
The other question is about context menu (right click menu).
I would like to add entries in the finder context menu to do
specific task on specific file types.
For example I would like to add an entry to run a .app
I created as explained above when I right click on a file
in the finder.

Any suggestion is welcomed!

Thanks for your help!