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bran 08-02-2010 06:44 PM

Beginning iPhone developing. Need good tutorials and tips
I want to begin developing games on the iPhone. I have worked a bit with other programming languages before but I have never used xcode. I need some tutorials and tips to get started. Any suggestions??

cwa107 08-02-2010 07:04 PM

Try this page:

Getting Started with iOS: Introduction

Nethfel 08-02-2010 07:40 PM

There are two GREAT tutorial sets on YouTube, and although a bit of a more advanced one - a GREAT one on iTunesU

On YouTube check out thenewbostons videos for Objective-C and iPhone Development - (I never watched the O-C ones, but I did watch the iPhone ones as I'm always looking for more resources) - his speaking and explanation style is really easy to follow - sometimes he doesn't go as deep as you may want on topics, but it provides a good overview. The O-C set are like 50ish videos long and the iPhone set are ~36 long

On iTunesU check out Stanford iPhone Development course - it is a university level course and expects you to understand how to research on your own - it's videos of all of the lectures from the semester (most recent Winter 2010) and you can go to the classes website and download the assignments. Although you aren't going to be a student in the class, it can help to have their handouts as it makes following the lectures and where they are a bit easier.

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