Hello, I felt a little iffy about posting this message here. I am not sure if I should post wine questions here or in another category (or if this is a good website to talk about wine related stuff....if I should go else where please tell me. I know WineHQ.org is a good website but not for winebottler).

Info about me: I'm using Mac OS X 10.6.3. I am not computer savy but I am getting there. I have no fear of the terminal but any computer lingo or most commands I will not understand. I currently have installed, both Wine and WineBottler

Alright, now that my introduction is over here are my questions:
1. I know Wine is run through the terminal and WineBottler is run through the graphical user interface by being an application. Is this the only difference? Are there things wine can't do that winebottler can or certain things that can only be used by wine and not winebottler?

2. The winebottler files I can see in my User folder but where exactly are the Wine files? I have been accessing them by typing shift+command+G. Then typing in the "Go to" window, "~/.wine" Were is this? How do I get to it from the graphical interface (going through windows rather than the terminal). How do I navigate to it from the terminal?

3. If I install, lets say Ultima Online a windows computer game, is there a way to create a shortcut so I don't have to go to ~/.wine and then go to terminal and type in wine [path to UO.exe]

Thank you for reading all that :-D