I'll try to keep this brief.

My father recently started a group of 3 people to design iPhone games. He originally used another programmer for their first app (I'll call App X), but that guy (I'll call Bob) started to become busy so my father (knowing I had programming experience) asked if I wanted to learn to program for the iphone, and I said yes.

So I've learned a lot, and I've developed part of my first app (which I'll call app Y) and I'm ready to do an initial device testing (I want to test how it actually feels to use my fingers on the app, rather than the mouse on the simulator).

So I want to put my app on my father's ipod touch (Bob is in the iphone development program and he recently added me to his "team"), and I found this page explaining how to do it.

My question though, is based on the fact that Bob has already tested App X on my father's ipod touch in the past. So do I still have to jump through all the hoops listed in the link above, or since my father's ipod touch already (I assume) has the certificate thing can I just somehow put App Y on his device?

Thank you thank you thank you for any answers you can give me!