I'm currently having an issue with a entourage client. I'll give you a bit of background info first.

We are running an exchange server, using entourage as our client. The exchange server is running on a Windows 2008 server R2 machine. Web access is, of course, available, and works well. The version of entourage is 12.2.3, entourage 2008, I'm working on an iMac running 10.4.

This problem has been ongoing for some time now, the users account is saving some emails (not all) directly to the computer, others stay on the exchange server. The problem with this is two fold:

1. Monitoring the users email is EXTREMELY difficult.
2. The user can not access the emails saved on the system from web or any other machine.

I believe this is some kind of Sync issue, but am not familiar enough with entourage to properly troubleshoot.

Any help would be appreciated.

I should also note that this is an isolated issue, and I CAN NOT reproduce the problem.