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    Need help with Xcode
    Im writing an iPhone app for my blog so that you can read my articles without the need to go into safari.

    I need to embed a webpage into my app. So i do i go about putting a webpage into an app.

    I have tried using UIwebview but i don't know how to make it use a URL. Im a complete newbie at development and i really need help.

    My site works with the iPhone

    For info my site is

    I dont know how to explain this well. Please help, questions are welcome.

    Thanks in advance. =]
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    You need to do something like this:

    [webViewControl loadRequest:[NSURLRequest requestWithURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@""]]]
    For a full walk through check out this kid's videos:

    YouTube - XCode Tutorial: Programming A UIWebView

    Also in the future try to make your post titles more relevant to your question. e.g. "How to load a URL in a UIWebView control"

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