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    Will iPhone sdk 3.2 overwrite 3.1.3?
    Hey there.

    I'm considering learning to write apps for the iPad at the same time as learning to write for the iPhone. I know I need Iphone sdk 3.2 for iPad apps, but will installing it overwrite the 3.1.3 sdk? I've read that 3.2 can ONLY write for the iPad, so I don't want it to overwrite 3.1.3 and keep me from writing iPhone apps. So can someone tell me how can I get a setup so that I can for example choose one project to be for the iPhone and the next project to be for the iPad?

    Hopefully that makes sense. By the way, right now I've got 3.1.3 running on a Mac w/ Leopard.


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    Even if the 3.1.3 SDK will be overwritten it will still allow you to create apps for iPhone on the new 3.2.
    The talk about 3.2 being exclusively for iPad was correct in one way - the new features in 3.2 and for iPhone OS 3.2 can only be utilized on the iPad. You can still create apps for iPhone but only with the 3.1.3 base.
    Basically what you have to do after updating to the iPhone 3.2 SDK:
    Adjust your project’s build settings further if needed:


    A Universal application that runs on both iPad and iPhone needs to have the following Build Settings:

    The Base SDK build setting (in the Architectures section) must be set to “iPhone SDK 3.2”.

    The iPhone OS Deployment Target build setting must be set to iPhone OS 3.1.3 or earlier.

    For iPad-only development, set the Base SDK to iPhone SDK 3.2 and set the iPhone OS Deployment Target to iPhone OS 3.2.

    For iPhone-only development, set the Base SDK to iPhone SDK 3.1.3 or earlier and set the iPhone OS Deployment Target to iPhone OS 3.1.3 or earlier.

    Set the Targeted Device Family build option to iPad, iPhone, or iPhone/iPad as appropriate for your application.

    Taken from the iPhone SDK release notes:iPhone SDK Release Notes for iPhone OS 3.2

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