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    MAC official kernel installation

    I want to create an installer for a complex mac application and I want it to be as professional as possible so no hacks are acceptable. I know apple suggests using packagemaker and that is what I intend to use. My application consists of a network kext and another application that run quite independently. I see kexts can be installed with packagemaker but the tutorial that I went through(provided by apple) seemed to treat them as files and simply copy them to the extensions folder(correct me if I'm wrong). I've seen on some forums that some two cache files need to be deleted in order for the os to recognize the new driver but this seems to me a bit hacky. Also I would like to avoid rebooting the machine if possible and somehow have the kext running right after the installation.

    Thanks in advance

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    I probably didn't make my question clear, I wonder what is the official way to install a driver using package maker.

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