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    compiler question

    I recently started working with XCode. I was curious why programs compiled under xcode do not run when used in a unix environment. For example, when I wrote the Hello World program in Xcode and moved it to my linux machine it would not run. I had to gcc main.c before it would run. I thought the underlying architecture for OS X was unix so I expected ./HelloWorld to run.

    Thank you for your help!

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    Unix does not equal Linux. Mac OS X is Unix, Linux is Unix-like. You'll find that despite similiarities, you'll have to recompile programs. Someone with more experience in deploying across OSes can be more clear on that one.
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    Is your linux machine a PC? If yes that's your main problem right there.
    Even if not, like Van said not all *nixes are equal. Also some libraries are machine specific and need to be recompiled for that machine.

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