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    Sep 18, 2008
    Packagemaker command line on 10.6
    I have created a installer using packagemaker UI and save it as a pmdoc file

    This package builds ok via the UI.

    But when I use the following command

    packagemaker --doc test.pmdoc -out test.pkg, I get the warning that the package for my app has no choice assigned and the choice has no package ref.

    When built the test.pkg is empty and has nothing to install.

    I am using packageMaker 3.0.4 that comes with xcode 3.2.1

    Does anyone know how to packageMaker to run correctly on 10.6 via the command line

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    Jun 03, 2010
    same here
    Having the same problem with PackageMaker. In the GUI, the packages are just hanging out in the left pane, and there are two empty choices that don't refer to them. There's no apparent way to assign the packages to the choices. Drag-&-drop doesn't work, and the context menu is defective in that it has nothing to do with the selected item.

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