That "fixme:menubuilder:SaveIconResAsXPM Unsupported color depth 32-bit wine: Module not found" error I posted appears to be a bug & not the cause of programs not working.
I have a few programs working & all seems fine but there is one that doesn't. Xara Extreme Pro 5 will not open. The splash screen opens then an error screen pops up that says "MSXML4 is not correctly installed...". I have WineTricks installed & there is a MSXML4 on the list that I did install but still get the error. Went to Xara's site & there are several recommendations that I followed but still get the error.
After some Googles it appears this is a common problem with Windows users (go figure!). One site said to check to see if the MSXML4 was located in the win32 folder. I checked & it is.
Any ideas?