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    applescript to bring ichat window to front after message received
    I've searched for something like this but haven't found it. I am aware of chax, but would prefer to just run a simple applescript to bring the chat window to the front if a new message is received. I have tried running the following when a message is received:

    tell application "iChat"
    end tell

    ...but get a 1708 error.

    Any ideas?


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    Welcome to the Forum. Chax does flash icon in doc with Sender image when IM received but even it you did get the script sorted for making the IM window the front window would that work if u were in another App? Seems to me that would have to be a System Script not an iChat script. The standard iChat > Preferences does provide this;

    Click for full size

    PM me if u want an iChat Script to change around and test.

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    Well, when you tell an application something, you indent.
    tell application "iChat"
    end tell
    And "activate" just tells iChat to open. Have you tried Growl with Chax? Growl displays the message in a little notification window.

    Download Chax
    Download Growl

    But anyway, go to File > Open Dictionary... and select iChat (will post screenshots later, I'm away from my Mac now). That will give you some help with iChat AppleScript commands.

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