This is a rather long post but you may enjoy reading it. I'm not asking for any help but comments are welcome if you are so inclined.

I've been developing software with Delphi since V1.0 in 1994. When I was considering buying my MBP I thought I'd probably have to leave Delphi behind. But then I discovered Lazarus, an open-source, cross-platform Object Pascal IDE. Like many other old-time Delphi guys, I was excited about this possibility. Especially since I've got an app I've been working on for 2 years and need to deploy. I wasn't expecting the changeover to be perfectly smooth but....

I've documented the roadblocks here, just for grins. It involves two computers and three operating systems with Delphi on one, Lazarus on all three. Every roadblock felt like a steel-reinforced concrete wall 40 meters wide, 10 meters deep, and 10 meters high, partly because the solution of each involved joining forums, asking for help and generally getting a bunch of bad advice with an occasional gem tossed in.

It plays out like a Dilbert cartoon, except I've got no pointy-haired boss looking over my shoulder. I hope no one else has this kind of grief.

At this moment it looks like the Mac platform will be the solution. I guess I always hoped that would be the case since it's all new and bright and shiny, and generally really nice to work with. I may even go out and buy an Apple mouse and a large monitor to compliment my 13" MBP screen.

I hesitate to say I'm now moving forward again because every time I do, I get bit in the rear and have to recant my proclamation. But there is always hope. I'm nothing if not persistent.

Delphi to Lazarus Headaches

Nov '07 to Aug '09
Develop app in Delphi/XP on a Dell D610 laptop

Aug '09
Purchase Macbook Pro (MBP) as replacement for Dell laptop which is 4 years old. Install Lazarus on MBP and continue development of my app on that platform. Long-term plan is to deploy as a Linux console app

Oct '09
Upgrade MBP OS from 10.5.8 to 10.6.2 and find that Lazarus debugger stops working. Since there is about 9000 lines of code, proceeding without a debugger is not practical.

Go back to Delphi on Dell

Nov '09
Decide to install Ubuntu on a separate partition on the Dell HD to keep project moving towards goal of Linux console app, while waiting for the Lazarus developers to fix the debugger bug.

Try to install Clonezilla on Dell to allow me to make a HD image in case there is a problem with Ubuntu install. Tried to burn iso on several CDs but all failed. USB worked well and finally image the Dell HD to an external HDD.

Test Ubuntu 9.04 Live CD and it looks good.

Ubuntu 9.10 comes out and the consensus is to install that rather than 9.04 + upgrade.

After a couple of tries at burning the iso to CD I get one that works, and the repartitioning/install of Ubuntu goes well.

Dec '09
Discover that wireless doesn't work on Ubuntu 9.10. Use MBP as an Internet portal and/or borrow printer's ethernet so the Dell can connect.

Download Lazarus 0.9.29 for Linux via MBP, and after several attempts (is my MBP CD burner flakey?) burn to CD and install Lazarus on Dell/Ubuntu. Repeat for Lazarus on Dell/XP as backup plan #7c.

Start moving Delphi app to Lazarus/Ubuntu/Dell and begin converting it to the desired console app.

Discover a Lazarus/Ubuntu hang while doing a simple code edit operation. Report bug. All conversion work on 12/17 was lost.

Lazarus OSX debugger bug discovered in Oct 09 is reportedly fixed in 0.9.29 SVN/r23192. Download and install, looks good.

Resume conversion of app to console app, this time on Lazarus/OSX. Current plan: finish conversion work on Mac, build as Linux target and use Dell/Ubuntu machine for testing the console app only.