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Thread: Security(1) Keychain-Dump

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    Security(1) Keychain-Dump
    Pretty much I want to dump my keychain without any GUI interaction, and I know my password. I kinda know the right commands but they don't work right even after countless hours reading man pages.

    Welcome, toXic,  ~/Desktop : security authorize -C toXic dump-keychain -d
    YES (0) { 2: "-d" , "dump-keychain" }
    That's where I'm at right now, doesn't quiet help by dumping anything but it looks like I'm doing something right. If someone could shine some light on this I would be eternally grateful.



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    Do you perhaps have to add the name of a keychain (for example, login) to the dump-keychain -d command? The man page is worded as if that might be the case, though I haven't tried it.

    Edit: Never mind. That was a guess after only reading the man page; it doesn't seem to be accurate after some experimentation. I've never worked with security on the command-line.

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    nope, the dump-keychain -d command will just dump all of them even though I just need the login keychain. Either way the command works by itself but then has GUI windows that pop up so I need to authorize in the command too.

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