Hi All,

I am working on a java application which communicates with C++ dynamic
library. The library returns the output (in the form of textual & Picture information)
on a native MAC dialog (DialogPtr -- An opaque type that represents a dialog in MAC) which I am creating using "Resorcerer" software for
MAC. The library is purely developed using C++.

My requirement is to get the native dialog output on any of the Java
component (JPanel or JFrame etc).

The similar C++ library also exists in my project for Windows OS. We are using VC++ for reading the DLL. The library is written in the similar fashion for Windows OS also. For Windows, we are passing

CImage.getDC() : CImage is an Image class similar as BufferedImage for java. "getDC()" method returns the Handler for Device Contenxt (HDC).

By passing the above value, we are able to get the whole information of Native Dialog onto the CImage object and then we are displaying the CImage on a MFC dialog.

This is the reason, I am looking for similar solution for MAC C++ Library. This library is also drawing the information using HDC (representing CGraphPtr for MAC) on the Native Dialog.

Is there any way to get that information on any of the java component/image object?

Is there any way to map the native dialog to any of the Java AWT/swing
component directly on MAC?

Or is it possible to get the information which is displaying inside the
native dialog to be directly displayed on JPanel?

Or can we import the content of native dialog on some java Image object so
that I can draw that image on a JPanel?

Any workaround/help in this regard will be of great help for me.

Provide me any links/URLs which I can go through to solve this issue.

Thanks & Regards,