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    Hi guys! Well I'm pretty new at apple script and I was wondering if it would be capable of printing an excel spread sheet and updating it to the current day. So for example I have an excel spreadsheet with a "payment plan" type thing for someone who has bought land from me. I mail them an updated copy of their payment history every month. I have the spread sheet set up so that it show's their payments until it's paid off and I just want it to print to the current month. Do you know if this can be done and how I should try to do it?

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    Is the date you want to change part of the spreadsheet? If so, I don't think Applescript is necessary; you should be able to do it with a function. Just set the value of the cell to =TODAY() and then set the cell format to the date format you desire. Then, whenever you open it up to print it, it will automatically update the date to that day's.

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