I'm reading the Mac OS X Reference Library and find
Framework aFramework -- specifically Accelerate/vecLib
Declared in aHeader -- specifically vDSP.h

The Overview says, "This document describes the C API...". So I created a new project on Xcode (2.5) on Tiger (10.4.11) Intel.

File | New Project | Command Line Utility | Standard Tool
"This project builds a command-line tool written in C."

I spotlight "Accelerate" and found /System/Library/Frameworks/Accelerate.framework

So I Project | Add to Project... this Accelerate.framework. I also checked "Copy items into destination group's folder (if needed)".

I then tried to declare any of the data types in this function FFTSetupD vDSP_create_fftsetupD (vDSP_Length log2n, FFTRadix radix);

such as
vDSP_Length log2n;

but get 'parse error before log2n' as if it doesn't know about this data type?

I also tried #include <vDSP.h> which I think would be redundant after adding the framework.

What do I need to do to use vDSP_create_fftsetupD and related functions and data types?