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    Mac Mini - Control Power LED
    Hi all.

    I am hoping to be able to override the control of the Mac Mini Power LED from a userspace application (if necessary, I will consider kernel space). I am familiar with other hardware/OS's, and I think it is a long shot, but I was wondering whether someone here could confirm my suspicions.

    Essentially, I want to flash the power LED when there is a Disc in the CDRom drive.

    As I say, I know it is a long shot, but of anyone could point me to a reference on the subject, or to something confirming it can't be done, then I would appreciate it. My core suspicion is that the LED is tied directly into the power management chip, and can't be controlled from the OS. I have done some research, but I am unfamiliar with the Apple documentation layouts/structures, and my searches seem somewhat ineffective. The closest I have come to the subject is:

    Long URL into Apple Developer connection

    Any references, pointers, opinions most welcome

    Thanks in advance


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    It is wired into the logic board, can't do anything about it
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    Quote Originally Posted by trpnmonkey41
    It is wired into the logic board, can't do anything about it
    Thanks for the prompt response. Time to invent a plan 'B'. Perhaps a USB Controlled LED (I play with PIC uControllers as well - USB Microchip ).



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