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Thread: Basic Problem reading input from NSTextCell in Xcode

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    Oct 22, 2009
    Basic Problem reading input from NSTextCell in Xcode
    Hi, I'm new to Objective C and just doing some basics.

    All I want to do is;

    - read a value from one text field
    - double it
    - output it to another text field

    But I'm stuck on the first, each time I try to read the value in it returns a value of 0 even though the entry is clearly 1 or 3 or 100.

    This is the snippet

    input=[inputfield floatValue];

    Where inputfield is the NSTextCell box and input is a float.

    The rest of the code is below in case it is useful.

    Please help, going insane!

    ************************************************** *****

    #import "readandwrite.h"

    @implementation readandwrite

    @synthesize input, output;

    -(IBAction)calculate: (id) sender

    // float input;

    input=[inputfield floatValue];
    printf("Input is %f\n",input);
    printf("Output is %f\n",output);
    [outputfield setFloatValueutput];


    ************************************************** *****

    #import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>

    @interface readandwrite : NSObject {
    char input;
    float output;
    IBOutlet NSTextField *outputfield;
    IBOutlet NSTextField *inputfield;


    @property(readwrite) float output;
    @property(readwrite) char input;



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    May 02, 2009
    Hi, welcome to the forums.

    I was able to compile and run your code (with a few stylistic modifications) with no issues. I assume you have your outlets and actions correctly setup via InterfaceBuilder and that the calculate message is actually being invoked. Is this correct? I assume your using a simple button control to send the readandwrite target the action and that the connection is made via InterfaceBuilder as well.

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