Hello all,

I have just started to use PackageMaker to package our application seeing as our very old version of Installshield no longer works on Snow Leopard based on the fact that it needed Java 1.4.

I have managed to setup the package but am running into a problem when the "Upgrade" function seems to fail if the files are already there. The "Upgrade" option is shown when the application has already been installed (.PKG file exists in /Library/Requests). Deleting all the files still shows that it will upgrade, however, seeing as the files aren't there the install completes successfully.

I tried a preflight bash script to check if the files were there and then delete them but this always fails when it tries to execute the rm -r command. I get a weird Diagnostic Message, leading me to believe it is security/rights related, that reads:

com.apple.message.domain: com.apple.SecurityAgent.DialogFrequency
com.apple.message.result: noop
com.apple.message.siugnature: Installer.app

I do know my BASH script is executing because a simple mkdir command works. It only seems to complain if I try and delete the folder.

I have also tried creating a "File exists on Target" requirement that forces the user to delete the folder manually if it exists but this does not give me the correct behavior. I don't think this requirement works. I configured a folder and whether I have the "Pass If" value as True or False it still brings back the error message. This was a last resort and not a very elegant solution.

Hopefully someone else there can point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance,