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    Template Cocoa Template generated from Cannot NSLog
    I'm using Xcode 3.2.1 on my MacBook Pro

    After XCode generate the Cocoa application, everything works great.
    Blank window, just as expected.
    But all my NSLog commands doesn't evoke any output from Terminal which didn't even pop out.

    I realize the same situation when I generate the "Command Line Tool" template. when I click build, it actually created the command line utility but I have to later manually double click on the app to open the terminal manually.

    With the Cocoa template, if I were to "double click" on the resulting app I will bring up the GUI application, but it seems the GUI cannot start the terminal

    How can I give Xcode the right to open terminal ?

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    I understand now.


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    You can make the console open by default in the Preferences under the Debugging section. For the On Start: option choose Show Console, and it will open automatically any time you Run or Debug.

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