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    C# Winform on Mac System
    Hi, I am very new for Mac system development. I developed winform by using . It works on Windows but not Mac.

    Can i run .exe on Mac?

    My project needs to download some data from a SQL table through webservice.

    what language can i use to develop on Mac J2SE ,

    if anyone can give me any idea, i really appreciate.

    Sorry about my english.

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    Welcome to the forums.
    Can i run .exe on Mac?
    Not natively as the .exe binary format is native to Windows. The only way you can run an .exe is through some sort of emulation/virtualization software. Darwine is a project that allows you to run some Windows applications on OSX. VMWare, Parallels and VirtualBox are VM solutions that allow you to run Windows as a 'guest' operating system under OSX.

    My project needs to download some data from a SQL table through webservice.
    Webservices are language independent so you have a variety of options for accomplishing this task.

    what language can i use to develop on Mac J2SE ,
    You have a very wide variety of choices, your decision is largely influenced by what sort of application you want to write.

    OSX native applications are typically written using a language called Objective-C. The XCode IDE is the primary development environment with a framework called Cocoa as one of the primary development APIs. XCode can be found on your OSX install disks, or downloaded from the Mac developer site. OSX provides API's for web service integration. A wealth of documentation can be found in the XCode documentation.

    OSX provides a J2SE (Java) environment. OSX 10.5 (Leopard) natively provides Java 1.4 and Java 1.5 as well as Java 1.6 via an optional download. OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard) provides Java 1.6 only, though you can download an older version of 1.5 if necessary. One of the main development IDE's for Java is Eclipse which is open source.

    OSX also allows for Python, Ruby, C, C++ etc. Again, you have quite a few options at your disposal.

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    Depending on the complexity of your .NET application, you might be able to run it through Mono but I can't guarantee that it will work. It's worth a try though. Just test it thoroughly first if it is really important that the application work.
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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    yea, it does work.. I can attest.. but it's about as buggy as the first 14 years of WINE was
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    What Vansmith means is, even if it looks like it is working, it still will need independent testing on the Mac.
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