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Thread: Question About iMac

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    Question About iMac
    I just planning to start MAC for developing IPHONE application. i dont have any idea about MAC. my requirments are that i can develop IPHONE application in MAC development KIT. so my question are

    1 does IMAC can manage Development Plat forum and i can make IPHONE application without any issue or i need MAC Pro for better performance?

    2. Does IMAC can run Windows XP as well without any isse with all windows software support?

    Waiting for Feedback


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    If you develop iPhone/iPod Touch applications on a Mac, you will use Apple's Xcode. It is built and designed for Mac software development. If you plan to run Windows on your iMac, you can install Windows XP Service Pack 2 on up and Vista (since you are interested in purchasing, Snow Leopard will be installed, and it is capable of using Bootcamp to install Windows 7. Not sure if Leopard is able to achieve this though). using Bootcamp, or VMware. Also, performance will depend on the model you get. The 3.0GHz model will be able to handle more than the 2.66 GHz model. But you will be able to develop iPhone applications on your iMac with no problem at all. I can run Xcode and use it very efficiently on my little 2.1GHz MacBook

    The iMac would be a very good choice.

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    It is not MAC. It is Mac.

    Is is not IMAC. It is iMac.

    Is is not IPHONE. It is iPhone.

    The iMac should be more than powerful enough for iPhone development. As with any system, more power will generally give faster compile times.
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    When asking questions, post the version of your software. You'll receive better answers.

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