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    Anyone know the basic code difference between VS and XCode?
    I looked a bit but couldn't find much on google, spelling out really how different code-wise VS and XCode are for C++.

    My professor is using VisualStudio 2008 for our C++ class. We aren't going into any graphic element (command prompt only coding) to keep it pretty universal, but what are some things i should expect in terms of differences in the coding?

    Basically though, i want to work on C++ on XCode (or Eclipse possibly), since i'm a mac, hate having to boot up parallels and windows every time i have to work on homework. However, of course, i'll have to later take all my code and transfer it to VS to hand it in. Should this be no problem? If there is a problem, will it most likely just involve switching some header include files? Anyone have any experience here? Thanks for any input! Hopefully someday i'll be making Mac Apps :3

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    VS is known to be a more powerful environment than Xcode, and then I'm talking about the multi-tab interface, but most Mac users prefer the Mac UI.

    But generally there is not too much difference between the two.


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    i would say VS is really only better for c++ if your using the .net framework. but since your using just CLI's then you should be fine. Xcode is a little different, i have trouble figuring it out.

    ultimately though, just compile it in VS if that is what your instructor uses to run programs, although he probably uses the cmd prompt

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