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    Non-IDE C++ Compiler (so no Xcode)

    I am following a course on C++ at my university. The instructor clearly instructed us not to use an IDE, because an IDE tries to keep our hands clean, while he wants to see dirt under our fingernails.

    So this rules out Xcode. I've tried googling for another C++ compiler for mac, but all I find are people advising Xcode. What are my options in terms compilers and programmers notepads?

    Preferably something using the gnu g++ 4.3.something compiler.

    Thanks for your advise.


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    May be you could try Eclipse with cdt plugin.

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    When you install Xcode, all the command line applications you need are installed, including GCC. So, install Xcode and all the tools and just don't use Xcode. Let us know if that works for you.
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    That works for me, thanks for your help. I can just call on the compiler using terminal, didn't know it was that easy .

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