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    Fink not behaving with zsh
    I've been using bash on OS X lately because I couldn't figure out how to use my favourite shell (zsh) with Fink. Today I figured out how - sort of.

    I've read through the documentation and I've added "source /sw/bin/" to my .profile in my home directory (without quotation marks, of course) but I still have to type in that whenever I open up the Terminal because for some reason, zsh isn't reading what I put in my .profile!

    Can anybody tell me why this isn't working?

    EDIT: Oddly, ". /sw/bin/" works just as "source /sw/bin/" does. Still have to manually type them into the Terminal though.

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    Fixed - turns out that zsh only reads the .profile when in sh and ksh compatibility mode. I needed to create my own .zshrc and .zprofile files and put the line in those to get it to work.

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    Your problem is way above my head. LOL!

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