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    I need a command string for Terminal that will visit a website but not open a browser window... Basically to work in the background.

    I know the " open" but i want one that will visit the website in the background and not open a browser window.

    Help Me Pls...

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    I don't understand what you want.

    Perhaps Lynx can somehow be used for what you want. It is a text based web browser. It sounds like you would have to tie it into a script. If you don't know coding then you'll have to hire someone.
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    I'll explain what i want. I just need a command string that will "hit" or visit a website but work in the background, by that i mean not opening any browser windows. There you would not see the result graphically but get a text response from terminal.

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    What kind of response are you expecting? Perhaps an explicit example of what you want will help.
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    It's ok i figured it out... it took a while but I wrote a shell app that works fine. Your help was much appreciated.


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