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    Question Releasing memory try-catch block statement in Objective-C
    Hi All!

    I'm a newbie to programming. Please look at my code below. Why isn't there a release like [exception release] for the NSException object created? How will the compiler know how to release the NSException object? I understand why/how f is released (from [f release] statement).


    NSAutoreleasePool * pool = [[NSAutoreleasePool alloc] init];
    Fraction * f = [[Fraction alloc] init];

    [f noSuchMethod];

    @catch (NSException *exception){
    NSLog (@"Caught %@%@", [exception name], [exception reason]);

    NSLog (@"Execution continues!");
    [f release];
    [pool drains];
    return 0;


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    I am not a newbie to programming but am a newbie to Objective-C. I believe that the AutoReleasePool will take care of the NSException object and that you only have to manually release those objects you create yourself (like the f Fraction object).

    If I am incorrect on this, someone please correct me as I am still learning this stuff too.

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    I think you want to read "Exception Handling and Memory Management" in Apple's Handling Exceptions document.

    Almost all NSException objects (and other types of exception objects) are created autoreleased, which assigns them to the nearest (in scope) autorelease pool.
    From the little you've posted, I have to wonder if your try block is contrived. Since you could just test the object for the method (selector), via the respondsToSelector: method.

    Oh. The docs say it should be [pool drain]; not [pool drains];.
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