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    Question Code conversion question
    Dear All,

    I want to convert from CFTypeRef to CFStringRef, I am using the following code -

    CFStringRef myString = CFCopyDescription (value);
    But is gives the string with expression but I want only its value.
    If anybody knows how to do that then plz help me out.


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    You are out of my common knowledge...

    Assuming the value is an NSString then have you tried this;

    CFStringRef myString = (CFStringRef) value;

    I type cast to avoid a compiler warning; initialization from incompatible pointer type. I find that curious because as I understand the documentation, the types are suppose to be equivalent.

    You may want to review the CFType Reference and CFString Reference documentation at Apple.
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    I closed this thread for now as spammers are constantly using it for their spam. If the OP needs any more help on this topic, let us know.

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