Hey all.

I try to install mediatomb for os-x 10.5.6, on a mac g4 for a friend of my.

I have tryed a copple of things, that i wil list below:

darwin port, using the port in terminal.

I ame a ubuntu/debian user, so i know my way under the terminal..
So, notting of the above worked for me..

A link i found whit instructions for installation whit fink, did also not worked (at leas for this mac).

So, the last resort for this mac, is install all manual..

What have i done so far?

Installed libexif, id3lib, libextractor and ffmpeg manual (configure, make, and make install).
I have also installed sqlite3, so thats ok..

here a list of thins i miss when i do a ./configure;


sqlite3 : yes
mysql : missing
libjs : missing
libmagic : missing
inotify : missing
libexif : yes
expat : yes
id3lib : disabled
taglib : yes
ffmpeg : missing
external transcoding : yes
libextractor : disabled

so, my actual question is, where do i find the missing libs for the final installation??



i have found the problem.
i did a rebuild of fink, whit a server in the us. The server i was using, dint have apperantly the software..
this one, is installing mediatomb and evrything thats needed whitout problems.
thx anyway