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Thread: I need something tested.

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    Smile I need something tested.
    Hello, I need to test a theory that, if it works, will allow people to run a command line as their background, the only problem I've encountered so far is that I am not on the sudoer's list and therefore cannot complete testing it myself. How it works is first, in the login window have it so that you type the user name and password then type for the username >console and hit enter. Then, type in your username and password in the fullscreen terminal that should appear. After that type in "Sudo open /System/Library/CoreServices/" and tell me what happens! Thanks

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    And why couldn't you try this on your own machine via another account or at least another machine?

    It's not very wise for anyone to go mucking about in the Terminal if they are not experienced with it... so if anyone here isn't, I wouldn't suggest attempting this.
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    ConsoleRaider, I can't see the point. It seems you are trying to get someone lost in the large terminal console window and then trying to get a user to escalate the privileges that the Dock runs under from the normal user to a super user. That is so wacky that I'm not going to try it.
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