so ive been searching networksetup -help and -printcommands trying to find the command to make a computer to computer network. i cant figure out which command it is. ive been tinkering with the commands like -createnetworkservice but it is just making like a new airport.

so anyways what i need to do, or what im looking to do is make a script. this script would create the computer to computer network, then enable the socksfirewallproxy which i have set at localhost 1080. then it would run the command which receives the tethered internet connection from my G1. i have the g1 part figured out and i can go into network preferences and change it all, but im looking for a fast way to do everything at once. im very new to terminal, its only been in the past 3 months that i have been learning and tinkering. can someone with some brains please help me? thanks JESSE