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Thread: How to write a program on a Mac

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    How to write a program on a Mac
    Hey guys. I've ventured into unknown from the land of me!! lol. Basically, I'm attempting to write a small program with Xcode (cocoa), and wouldn't have a clue where to begin. I'll need very detailed instructions :S

    I am getting a message when using my printer that says that the ink cartridge is low on ink, and that I can either change the cartridge, or press pause and then resume in the printer queue window. It's a counter that's built into the chip on the cartridge. I'd rather just refill my cartridges than have to buy new ones, so I'd like to write an app that identifies when this message is displayed, and presses the pause button, followed by the resume button automatically. Can anyone help?


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    That doesn't sound like something you could do as your first program. If you want to get started with other small things though just google xcode tutorials. I found youtube even had a few good ones if you know some basics.

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    I would argue that Objective-C is probably not a good starting language either. You might want to look into something like Java or a scripting language like Python, Perl or Ruby (all of which are pre-installed).

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