After spending several hours trying to solve this problem I can't get it to work.

There is an Xcode project called FaceTracker in here: http://www.ient.rwth-aachen.de/~asba...mework-1.2.dmg its pretty cool you should check it out.

Which is made so when build it creates an .app and works fine. What I want to do, is turn this into a dylib so I can interact with it through JNI.

So, my first attempt was to start putting code in a Dynamic C++ Library test project I made and communicated fine with Java. The problem I faced was the following:

error: 'CFIndex' does not name a type

From this statement: const CFIndex CASCADE_NAME_LEN = 2048;

And in general it can't see any of the CFxxx classes, which I don't even know what they really do but from Googling a bit I think they are Apple's.

So, I decided to go the other way round. I tried to convert the FaceTracker project included in the dmg link above, into a project that would generate a dylib library instead of an .app

Again no success. It won't generate a dylib although I used the same settings as the ones I found in the new Dynamic C++ Library project.

Any relevant help will be reaaaaaaaally appreciated as I am very stuck here and really need to get this to work soon.