I am not an experienced MAC developer, developing cross-platform apps on Win for Win and Mac. Now I need an installer on Mac and found the Package Maker. I know that 99% of the Mac Apps don't go with an installer at all, but I can't let the user just copy my app to HD, because after "installing" the app, a second app of mine has to be launched, which copies videos from CD to HD. The videos are zipped on the CD and have to be accesed also from Win on the hybrid disc, so they can't be content of the app bundle. So I thought PaclageMaker would do my job perfect, because you can launch a script postinstall.
I read other posts about packageMaker here and found the PackageMaker How-to and now I am pretty puzzeled, because he warns that you can mess up the target machine with PackageMaker if you don't really take good care about permissions and owners of the files and folders.
So that I am not the Mac guy, I can't imagine what could be messed up, comparing with just copying my app into the applications folder. Is this really concerning or could I use PackageMaker without great system knowledge, as far as I don't install any drivers and keep in my folder structur?
Any advice appreciated