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Thread: silly question from a newbie (AppleScript)

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    silly question from a newbie (AppleScript)
    I am doing a silly applications in AppleScript that opens and saves the content of a web page:

    tell application "Safari"
    make new document at end of documents
    set URL of document 1 to "www.url.."
    delay 2
    get document 1
    delay 10
    save document 1 in "directory/name.html"
    end tell
    delay 10

    Here comes the catch: Instead of saving name.html, it saves "directory/name.html" as a file in the root directory.

    Can someone help me? I could not find the problem.


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    A quick test showed that Applescript is set to the root ('/') directory. Well, at least when I post a 'do shell script ' command.

    You either will have to use a full path, or set the path relative to something like your home directory. If relative to your home directory, then try placing '~/' before the directory like this;
    save document 1 in "~/directory/name.html"
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