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    Feb 02, 2009
    Default path changed
    Hi Guys,

    By-mistakenly I changed the default path in the terminal.
    Like when we do
    echo $PATH, it shows some long path right. I executed
    export PATH=`pwd` /Users/test/testfolder
    instead of
    export PATH=`pwd` /Users/test/testfolder:"$PATH"

    Could someone please tell me how can I set it's path back to normal?


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    Mar 17, 2008
    Tucson, AZ
    Way... way too many specs to list.
    I do not believe that a simple export will be persistent, try logging in again.
    This machine kills fascists
    Got # ? phear the command line!

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    Feb 02, 2009
    Thanks a lot Dysfunction. I quitted the Teminal and started it again and It worked

    Thanks once again

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